Want to Launch in the UK?

If you’re a non-UK business, you’ll like London for three main reasons:

Firstly, London’s a great place to raise money – even the small institutional funds are sitting on £ billions. Outside of New York and California, you’ll struggle to find cash mountains this size.

Secondly, the SEIS and EIS tax schemes, plus the UK’s low-ish Corporation Tax rates, mean that funds you raise or earn in London are pretty cheap.

Lastly, London’s at the heart of everything. It’s an hour from the UK’s world class R&D hubs at Oxford, Cambridge, and Imperial College, as well as at the centre of Europe’s financial, technical and commercial talent.

Doing business in the UK

Brits like success, of course. But we also like gentle salesmanship, referrals and recommendations from people we trust, and we like businesses who reassure us we’re not going to lose our shirts.   We’re not New Yorkers – and have more in common with the Japanese than you might think.

Brits hate ‘the hard sell’. We dislike overly direct communication, which we take for aggression. We dislike risk, distrust exotic, and find the start-up world really rather confusing – after all, within living memory we ran a global Empire using steamships, red tape, and an unusual affection for ball games.

Building a business in Britain can be confusing and frustrating. But don’t worry, Neta Ventures have many years experience translating between the British and other nationalities used to a more direct style.

Neta Ventures can help with all facets of landing in the UK:

Landing in the UK

Finding low cost business and residential accommodation

Setting up

Incorporation, finding accountants, lawyers and other key services

Through better selling and partnerships

Get your value proposition, your key sales messages, and your in-person pitching right first time

Closing the deal

At this high pressure point of the sales cycle, you will probably want someone who ‘gets’ the British mentality on board.