Strategy & Growth Consultancy for Start-Ups

Starting to take your start-up business seriously? Contemplating applying to an accelerator? Let us help you to:

  • Identify the right incubator or accelerator to help your business deliver growth
  • Get maximum impact from your written applications and in-person pitches
  • Plan for success to ensure a successful landing into the accelerator
  • Get the most out of the accelerator experience

Neta Ventures provides light-touch mentoring and support throughout the intensive accelerator experience, working in parallel with the resources that the accelerator will provide for you.

Post-accelerator support

When you graduate, we’ll be there to celebrate. Now it’s time for Neta Ventures’ mentoring and advice services, including:

  • Fundraising – we can help you take advantage of the funding opportunities available to graduates of the best accelerators. We’ll help you prepare for your next fundraising round, and will raise your profile with selected funds and angels
  • Growth – we will support you as we identify channels to market, detecting and overcoming obstacles to growth and delivering on promises to investors
  • Investor relations – keeping investors up to date with progress, and stepping in when things aren’t going to plan. We’ll keep everyone on the team aligned, and ready to work together in good times and when things get tough

Introducing SEIS and EIS

The UK government has devised a range of tax breaks to encourage high net worth investors to channel their funds to start ups. These are the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS).

The SEIS scheme is limited to companies commencing a new trade. The tax benefits apply to a single ‘tranche’ of £150,000, which can come from one source (e.g. an SEIS fund) or multiple sources (e.g. Angels, Family). It’s hugely attractive to investors as they get 40% off their current year income tax bill, and even more back if the business does not succeed.

EIS is almost as attractive. The cap is larger (in the £millions), with money off this year’s income tax bill, and great capital gains benefits.

We understand the small print

It’s critical that a start-up looking to raise money via either of these schemes realise that there are some pretty important rules to follow for at least 3 years after funds are raised. If the company doesn’t follow these rules, you’ll get a bunch of unhappy investors, as the taxman (HMRC) will go and claw their benefits back.

Neta Ventures can help you plan the best route to raise this money, and help you manage the information flow between your growing business, the taxman and your investors.