For Investors

Adding value

Investors benefit from Neta Ventures’ long track record of commercial experience in companies both large and small.

We have a genuinely long term view on our clients. We plan for several horizons ahead, and won’t put a talented management team with a great product into jeopardy just to turn a quick buck.

As experienced strategy & growth consultants, we are able to help entrepreneurs avoid common pitfalls that break otherwise talented businesses.   We also provide the practical and emotional support that management sometimes need and just can’t get from anywhere else.

Neta Ventures’ clients empower us to take a provocative and interventionist approach with them. We don’t just coach; we work hard to keep your management teams focused on driving their business forward successfully.


Neta Ventures are also familiar with the requirements of the Government’s main investment incentive schemes. We work with management to ensure that companies remain compliant with HMRC rules, and investors have the transparency they need to plan across their investment and tax horizons.